who I am

I’m an ethnographer…

that means that I’m a keen observer, mindful of details and able to describe events and contexts.

I’m a reporter…

I experienced different styles of storytelling and produced contents for both radio, TV and web.

I’m a web editor…

Specialised in communication and journalism, I practiced in design and content writing for web journals and blogs.


I’m polyglot and a word-lover

To me, learning new languages has always meant to better communicate with locals during my travels. For that reason, in addition to Italian (my mother tongue), I fluently speak and write in English and Portuguese and I’m familiar with French and Spanish.

Moreover, I’m proud to say I understand and partially speak Romagnolo dialect (spoken in my homeland’s region), and I’ve also learned Neapolitan language. Once I even had lessons in Arabic, since I had planned to travel to Morocco. It had been useful, but in the end I found more effective speaking French or to gesticulate in the “Italian way”.

Finally, playing with words is my favourite pass time, especially with phonetic and pronunciation. ‘Nisciuno’ is my favourite Neapolitan word and the eclectic “tci” Brazilian pronunciation for “t” always sounded fascinating and cheerful to me. So, if you hear me exchanging syllables or pronunce odd words, well it’s just my way of playing with language!

Long-stay travels

The thing I really like the most, which is what I have been doing since I left Faenza (my home “little” city in the North of Italy) is travelling. Settle in a place and write. Write about people and their stories. And, of course, I wrote about my homeland too.

I don’t like to list and count how many countries I’ve been to, because I don’t think that the most places you’ve visited the most you understood about the world. On the contrary, my way of travelling depends on long periods, which is exactly what allow me to go deep into a culture, the spirit of the place and the mentality of its people.

But I’m a lot of other things too

I’m curious, deeply keen on knowing and understanding what happens around me. Hardheaded, selective and tenacious, I can be an easy-going and patient person as well. For sure, it’s easier to find me smiling or hear my hearty laugh.

I really love dancing; I appreciate watching a good film with some friends and listening to good music. I’m not a sportswomen, but I enjoy excursions and nature walks, swimming and yoga.

You will find more about me on this site, but you could also contact me and we can have a good talk together. Hereafter, you can find some diary posts in Italian where I report my own experiences along the last 3 years.