iceEthnographic writings & Publications

I wrote reams and reams on anthropology. Read about my academic dissertations and fieldwork – City of vibes and From bailes to bailes – and some publications on online scientific journals, such as Dada, Antrocom and Thules.

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News and reports

Along with the high-specialisation course on communication and journalism, I wrote Reports on Naples and on High Schools, as well as Partenopee: an adventurous diary.

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sangennaro-joritPress office

From communication plans to corporate blog posts, press releases, seminars and conferences, I had worked as media assistant of two powerful Saints: San Gennaro (in his museum in Naples) and San Lazzaro (for his carnival committee in Faenza).

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wp_20140701_12_43_39_proWord press

Many words have been written and posted, as many blogs underwent restyle or gained a new graphic design. Maurizia T. and Partenopee, sure, but also Tesoro di San Gennarob&b Otto e ½ and Art Division‘s website.

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I have also several experiences in video interviews, starting from an Investigative Report, passing through some short videos on Italian traditions published on My Tube and, last but not least, some reportage on the High School Tube.

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