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I spent 1 year in “Pulcinella city”, taking a top grade specialization in communication and journalism. There I was asked to write reports and stories. So, surf on the home section I edited on Naples. You’ll find a report on tourism in Forcella central neighborhood, an imaginary interview with Gennariello, a Neapolitan streetwise child, and P. P. Pasolini’s wonderment for Naples.

Download the page Rassegna Napoli.pdf [IT]


Napoli2013 © MauriziaTinti
The blog

As I was sure Naples would have presented many stories to me, I started a blog narrating events and my glazes on the “city of sun”. Among bag-snatching and endless train journeys, pics taken wandering around and data collected with locals, here are my adventures in Partenopee.

High Schools

© La Scuola A Colori
La Scuola A Colori web journal
le Squole

Together with La Scuola A Colori technical stuff, I entered into several high schools in Naples. From the Cet Day show to the Open Days, the institute’s openings and ceremonies, we get around classrooms and presidencies with our television camera on hands.

Istituto Diaz scuola di Pino Daniele
Italian singer Pino Daniele’s remembrance outside the “A. Diaz” high school in Naples.



The years 2014 and 2015 were marked by “la Buona Scuola”, the Italian education reform acted by the Minister of Education Stefania Giannini. Many protests took place in the main city centers and schools, to which we have dedicated posts, videos, interviews and photo galleries.

Manifesto outside a high school: "(Pre)occupied school"
Manifesto outside a high school: “(Pre)occupied school”



It was a Monday morning appointment. Each week I discovered and put online deadlines about regional and national calls for bids, scientific and linguistic contests, as well as for creative and technological products. We thought that there were many opportunities for students and young people that they only need to know.

Web journal weekly page.
Web journal weekly page.


Attualità e Colore

In alternative to school, adolescents have many other interests: music, movies, fashion and style, technology and social networks. O’ Filone (“skip school” in Neapolitan language) is the web journal’s page we dedicated to young people, whether in Fatti Commenti e Opinioni column we collected posts on hot topics, debates on truancy, reforms and other social and cultural issues.

Web journal news page.
Web journal news page.

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