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The Museum of the Treasure of St Januarius as a “cultural workshop”, while the Royal Chapel dedicated to Naples’ Saint protector was the bright setting for events and meetings. From the “Autumn in Chapel” lyric concerts to the St. Januarius’ Miracles and “Matteo Treglia: gold, silver and Miter” seminar, here you will find all the events I covered.

Communication plan

logo mostra napoli angioinaIt was happening in Naples the Universal Forum of Cultures, when the Treasure of St Januarius returned to glistening in its museum. In occasion of the “Gold, silver and varnish in Angevin Naples” exhibition, we were asked to draw up a communication plan (market and SWOT analysis, strategy planning and implementation, social media marketing, ads and spots).

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Blog Posts

One of the most exciting challenges of the internship was the museum’s blog I had to create and update in order to describe the invaluable Treasure of St Januarius, its history and the facts and curiosities which rekindle the Saint patron’s worship. I chose a simple and refined design in order to light on every single precious stone and metal, each gleam of creed and devotion.


press releases

sito museoIn the last years St Januarius’ treasure travelled to Rome and Paris. In the meanwhile, the museum hosted the “Silver Histories” exhibition and collaborated to the “Art reflections, glimpses into the past” exhibition on Neapolitan nativity scene tradition in Fontanarosa village. Until the precious Miter came back home… For sure, we couldn’t avoid informing the main local and national newspapers.

Download the “Riflessi d’arte, visioni di ieri” press release.pdf [IT]


a precious seminar

The “Matteo Treglia: gold, silver and Miter” seminar took place at the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro in January 2015 in order to shed light on the most invaluable artwork of the Treasure: the Miter, jeweled with 3964 precious stones and made in 1713 by the Neapolitan goldsmith Matteo Treglia. As the conclusive event of the internship, our press office covered every step of the planning cycle of the event.

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San Lazzaro


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