Investigative report

My first experience in video interview date back to the ‘Encounter’ theatre and cinema project, when just in five days my team and I realized an investigative report on environmental issues. In fact, we discovered that some energy companies were using “unconventional” means of extracting and looking for resources. Some protesters even alleged to be the cause of the frequent earthquakes that are devastating Italy.

My Tube

I have also published a few but interesting videos I recorded and edited on my YouTube channel. Just have a look to discover some Italian linguistic and religious traditions.

High School Tube

open days

Together with La Scuola A Colori technical stuff, I entered into several high schools in Naples, covering many events such as the institute’s openings and ceremonies.

Cet day

I also hosted an exhilarating show together with a professional and successful radio speaker and host. The CET Day (dedicated to Creativity, Excellence and Talents) was sponsored by La Scuola A Colori and entirely organized and performed by students for their school.

School insights

Our cameras and microphones gave also the possibility to students to tell their emotions regarding awkward, despite common, breaking down and thefts into their institute.

 institution, reform and protests

The years 2014 and 2015 were marked by “la Buona Scuola”, the Italian education reform acted by the Minister of Education Stefania Giannini which born many protests all over the country. Here are some interviews I did to teachers and institutions’ delegates.