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Maurizia T.


This blog was published in 2013, just after having my MBA. It has simply been a space where I experimented live blogging, social sharing, graphic design and personal branding.


Napoli2013 © MauriziaTinti

When I moved to Naples, in February 2014, I felt to share my glaze on the “capital of Southern Italy”. I wrote about what happened in the first months, among muggings and funny people, and shared some photo galleries.

Tesoro di San Gennaro

MTSG 2014 © MauriziaT.

As part of my internship at the Museum press office, I was asked to create this blog and write contents about the treasure of St. Januarius and reports about the events organized by the Museum of the Treasure of Saint Januarius.

b&b Otto e ½

b&bOttoeMezzo 2015 © MauriziaT.

Just a simple web site for a cozy bed breakfast in Romagna countryside.

Art Division by Prodigy Group Ltd


The Italian branch of a Maltese company to invite art dealers and lover to take part at “Malta European Capital of Culture 2018”. My work was to design their responsive and fidelity oriented web site.

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